"Becoming Hercules" by Greg R. Fishbone

Mythic Fantasy Adventure.

The spawn of a dragon. The disgraced daughter of a powerful merchant. A small-statured soldier. In seven-gated Thebes, they will gather to redeem their honor, save their kingdom, and discover important truths along the way. With one foot in Greek mythology and the other in supernatural fantasy, BECOMING HERCULES will delight fans of the Percy Jackson series, LORE OLYMPUS, and SONG OF ACHILLES.


READERS: https://anchor.fm/readersserialfictionshow/episodes/Becoming-Hercules-by-Greg-R--Fishbone-e14rm6i

WRITERS: https://anchor.fm/writersserialfictionshow/episodes/Becoming-Hercules-by-Greg-R--Fishbone-e14ri08


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