"Escort Girl" by Stephanie Bond

Romantic Mystery

In the romantic mystery ESCORT GIRL, a young woman who works for an Atlanta PR firm meets and shuttles VIPs who come to town to publicize their movies, books, music, TV shows, politics, and products. It's her job to get them where they need to be (on time and sober), and keep them out of trouble until they leave town. She's on call round the clock and gets pulled into her clients' drama, problems--and crimes! But for now, it's a diversion from her own messed-up life.


READERS https://anchor.fm/readersserialfictionshow/episodes/Escort-Girl-by-Stephanie-Bond-e1lm8k1

WRITERS https://anchor.fm/writersserialfictionshow/episodes/Escort-Girl-by-Stephanie-Bond-e1lmarg


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