"Ocean of Dreams" by RL Ehrick

Epic portal fantasy

Esar tried to forget about his prophetic dreams, but he can no longer ignore his nightmares. Adrin, a budding engineer, dreamed of building weapons to vanquish monsters before he was called to become heir to the throne. And Naomi's quest to discover her origins has taken her further than she ever dreamed...into another world. Connected by their dreams, they must find a way to avert the disaster that Esar foresees and uncover the foes who threaten to tear them apart.


READERS https://anchor.fm/readersserialfictionshow/episodes/Ocean-of-Dreams-by-RL-Ehrick-e1b7kqv

WRITERS https://anchor.fm/writersserialfictionshow/episodes/Ocean-of-Dreams-by-RL-Ehrick-e1b7l24


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