"The Almost Unremarkable Life Of James Smith" by Suedo Nim


James Smith is almost unremarkable. If you were to look up the definition of average in the dictionary his picture would not be there. That is odd since James Smith fits that description almost perfectly. "Almost" is the point of this story. One thing separates James from unremarkable. His exceedingly intense hatred for call centers. Yet James Smith works in a call center. Follow this story of a battle between what seems like just a hatred for call centers but is much, much more sinister.


READERS https://anchor.fm/readersserialfictionshow/episodes/The-Almost-Unremarkable-Life-of-James-Smith-by-Suedo-Nim-e1bmq6l

WRITERS https://anchor.fm/writersserialfictionshow/episodes/The-Almost-Unremarkable-Life-of-James-Smith-by-Suedo-Nim-e1bmqab


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