"The Arborist of Asgard" by Kit Boyer

LGBTQIA+ Fantasy

In a modern iteration of Asgard, trees contain precursors to human souls. As arborists, Skadi and her father are responsible for the care of the trees, mediating between them and their godly masters, and escorting them to their birthplaces in Midgard. But these tasks fall on Skadi alone after her father dies. The only help she has is her sweet but silly friend Ullr, and Njordr, the snarky god of summer seas.


READERS https://anchor.fm/readersserialfictionshow/episodes/The-Arborist-of-Asgard-by-Kit-Boyer-e1mic1d

WRITERS https://anchor.fm/writersserialfictionshow/episodes/The-Arborist-of-Asgard-by-Kit-Boyer-e1mic5a


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